I’m Ashur Cabrera.

I love to build command-line tools and bots, and doodle things a few pixels at a time.

I work for Panic Inc. and live in Denver, Colorado.


Multiline Comment is my personal blog.

You can also find me on Mastodon, , and GitHub.

Command-Line Tools


Snapshot a Mac app in any state, then deploy the same exact configuration again in the future.

Get started with the Fig Cookbook.

Available through Homebrew.



Quickly update local Git projects and their dependencies with a single command using Pug.

(Unrelated to the templating project formerly known as Jade.)

Available through Homebrew.


Tiny Skylines

Pixelated cityscapes to brighten your timeline.

Available on Mastodon and Twitter.



A bot that uses its own Git history to paint chunky-pixel portraits.

Available on Mastodon and Twitter.


the Collective Noun Collective

Imagine that a linguistic cabal with a penchant for puns oversees the naming of things taken as a whole, and publishes their pronouncements in a semi-annual zine…

Spring 2018



Bite-sized sketches delivered irregularly.

Available on Mastodon and Instagram.